Processional Cross
Possibly Lombardy (Italy), 15th century
Wood, bronze, and rock crystal
Height: 45 cm, Width: 30 cm

This processional cross is comprised of a wooden substructure to which embossed and engraved gilded bronze sheets have been attached. On the reverse are two oval rock crystal cabochons.

The Crucified Christ is represented as patiens, or suffering, with his head resting on his right shoulder and a loincloth attached on both hips. Above his crowned head is a banner that reads, "INRI." The four arms of the crucifix terminate in polylobular ends. At the top is a winged figure evoking the holy spirit, while on either side are representations of St. John and the Virgin Mary. At the foot of the cross is Mary Magdalene. On the reverse is the tetramorphic representation of the four evangelists with their symbols: the eagle for John, the lion for Mark, the angel for Matthew, and the bull for Luke. This symbolism comes from the vision of Ezekiel (Ez 1:10.)

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